The Reel Score: Original Music for Film & Video; also Sound, Efx, foley for Flash & Quicktime

The Reel Score, LLC

Michael Morangelli: Film Composer & Sound Designer

Michael Morangelli

Has performed extensively both in New York City and Boston.
His credits include the Angelo Tallaracco and Bob January Big Bands,
Fire & Ice Jazz Octet, and the Blue Rain Lounge Quartet. He was also
staff guitarist for South Park Recording Studio.

In Boston since 1985, he has played with the George Pearson Group
(local headliners at the Boston Jazz Society Jazz Festival in 1990),
Urban Ambience, and was founder and leader of the Whats New Septet
(1995). His Jazz compositions have been recorded by Comraderie Tapes
and included in the missing links Tape Sampler.

Composing for film since 1996, he has provided scores for Board Stories,
Rules of Order, the independent production American Lullaby, the CityScape
production Wastebasket, and Il Moccio an April, 2004 New York Film & Video
Festival entry. He has also provided music, efx, and sound design for Eric Mauro
and his work has appeared on, the Seoul Animation Festival,
Aspen Shortfest, and the ExCentris New Media Festival in Montreal.

Film, Video, and Web

Worked in high quality samples with delivery possible on Audio CD,
or DVD as Audio Data files (AIFF or WAV).

All material is laid up for review with spotting and cues notes as necessary.

FTP site available for file transfer during project duration.



- iMac27, WesternDigital NAS, Epson Large Format Printer
- 2 Roland JV 1080 Synths (Orch1, Orch2, Pop, World, EFX, Session, World Asia,
   and Vocal Expansion)
- Korg 05/W
- Berhinger xTouch Control Surface, AKAI MPD 16 Pad Controller,
  M-Audio Keystation 88 Keyboard Controller
- MOTU MIDI Express 128, Lucid Genx Master Clock, Prosonus Central Station, Lexicon
  MPX 550 Reverb  MOTU 828x Audio Interface, Marantz PMD 570 Recorder
- Studio Phile BX5 Monitors, PreSonus E3.5 Speakers, Beyerdynamic DT 770 and Shure
  SRH840 Headphones


- MOTU Digital Performer, Finale, DSPQuatro, Waves Diamond Bundle, RX6 Element,
  Kontakt Sampler
- Flux Web Editor, Total Video Converter Pro, iMovie

Virtual Instruments

- EastWest: Darkside, Hollywood Choirs, Ghostwriter,  Goliath, Gypsy, Hollywood Backup
  Singers, Piano, RA, Silk,StormDrum 2&3,  Symphonic Choirs,  Symphonic Orchestra, Voices  
  of Empire,Voices of Passion
- Scarabee Bass, Dan Dean Bass Libraries
- MOJO2 Horns
- UVI Digital Synsations, F Grand 278, Biosphere, Mark 79, Percussiv, Star Drums, Telematic,
  The Upright, Universal Loops & Instruments, Xtreme FX
- Steven Slate, EZ Drummer Libraries
- Archtop/Accoustic Guitar
- Pure Jazz Vibes
- Spirit Voices Wooden Flutes
- Total India Collection
- AAS Digital Synth
- Retro Machines 


- Randy Ward: Owner and Audio Engineer at Big R Music & Post Production,
- Michael Moran: VoiceOver

The Reel Score: Music for Film & Video; also Sound, Efx, & Foley for Flash & Quicktime Animation
Update 4/2021
Michael Morangelli