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Film: Il Moccio

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Il Moccio

il Mocco
New York
Film and Video Festival
April, 2004 Entry


Ben Franks
John Vasenda
Ricky Rucker

John Vasenda
Produced by:
Ben Franks
John Vasenda
Music by:
Kenneth L. Field
Michael Morangelli

Two Men. One Journey. Set against a post-apocalyptic landscape, Il Moccio is a tale of two star-crossed lovers and their struggle to find themselves in a harsh new world, much colder than the one that they once knew. Much will be learned, more will be forgotten as Il Moccio takes us on an unflinching journey that dares to explore the human condition and the duality of man.


The total budget for Il Moccio was $8.75. The film was shot on a borrowed Panasonic PV-DV910 camera and recorded onto one thirty-minute mini-dv videocassette. Production began in the early afternoon on a sunny day in downtown Twinsburg, Ohio and ended in the computer room of Ben Franks' childhood home. No script was ever written for the film, which forced John and Ben to shoot on the fly and create the story as they went along. Eight hours after they started, filmmakers John Vasenda and Ben Franks emerged from a dark computer room with the first rough cut of Il Moccio. Some time later, the film was finally completed when an original soundtrack was added to Il Moccio courtesy of composers Kenneth L. Field and Michael Morangelli.

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