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Whats New: The 1995 Septet

The Reel Score: Film Scoring - music for Film & Video - Michael Morangelli, Film Composer & Sound Designer
A Reelscore Productions release - available through iTunes
Recorded 1995 - Joe LaQuadera's Studio


Michael Morangelli
Producer, Leader, Composer, Guitar
Tom Moroney
Shimon Ben-Shir
Composer, Bass
Guy Klose
Bob Keough
Composer, Vibes
Rob John
Duncan Martin
Alto Sax

Reviewed in The Jazz Friends Review
by Joe Fin

Here is a collection that could be described as a composers collective
project. These Boston area writers have decided to document their six
original tunes to the immortality of magnetic tape. Worthy tunes they
are too. They are performed with a nice loose jam session feel.

The guitar/vibes harmonies seem to work well behind the front-line and
some dense microtonalities result. Duncan Martin on alto is especially
sensitive to this. When I hear a group without piano, I invariably find
myself saying that I don't miss the piano. Now, I have determined that
there may be two reasons that I feel this way. Firstly, the sound of that
particular instrument is eternally omnipresent in jazz and perhaps
that timbre is fatiguing my ears a bit. I mean just because you like the color
orange doesn't mean you paint the whole world orange, right?
Secondly, to my ears the absence of the piano unmasks an entire
spectrum of sound and this effect is clearly evident on Whats New. The
arrangements emphasize this by presenting melodies voiced in a variety
of instrumental contexts.

I feel the writing of bassist Shimon Ben-Shir is especially praiseworthy.
His tune Dex which ends the album is reminiscent of a Mingus band;
loose and contrapuntal with a formal asymmetry. Drummer Moroney
contributes the final solo on the tune utilizing the spaces between his
notes shrewdly towards an improvisation that really breaths.

Overall this set makes for interesting listening. What may have begun
as sort of a demo of newly composed material sounds to me like a
stylistically cohesive collection of avant garde leaning music.

The Jazz Friends Review
Vol. 1 Number 2
March, 1996

Whats New


Shimon Ben-Shir

One Day, Someday
Mike Morangelli

Emmas African Journey
Bob Keough

March In Spanish Harlem
Mike Morangelli

Jessicas Lament

Bob Keough

Shimon Benshir


The Reel Score: Music for Film & Video; also Sound, Efx, & Foley for Flash & Quicktime Animation
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Michael Morangelli